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Here you'll find past updates & news from the site. But after awhile I do delete the older posts, as I add newer ones. Please note some links will be out of date...

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October 09, 2017:
I can't believe how fast this year went by. I feel like John's birthday was just here, but it's a new year to celebrate this amazing man! Happy 77th Birthday my sweet John Love Love you baby!! I will add images of his birthday flowers later on today ...

EDIT // later on : Here are a few more images of John's birthday flowers...

(Click the image below for a bigger view).


January 09, 2017:
John always said "9 is a lucky number", so I really wanted to make sure I got his 76th birthday flowers up on his site today - January 9th and not a day later... I have a few more I might add, not sure which ones, though... I have to sort through them more... (Click the image below for a bigger view).

October 09, 2016:
Happy Birthday, baby, I love you! My John love would have been 76 today. Please remember him by doing something nice for some one and listen to his beautiful music. You can also remember him and send him some love by joining John's fanlisting.

December 17, 2015:
I'm happily getting the chance to finally show John's 75th birthday flowers and his cute number 9 candy on here! Mine and my bestie's yearly tradition for John and his birthday. (Click the images below for a bigger view).


Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone !!

On Saturday December 19th at 9:00 pm ET/PT -- AMC will be airing a concert in honor of John's 75th birthday...

October 04, 2015:
I made a new layout in honor of my John Love's 75th birthday on Friday, October 9th! All the roses I added to the header image and the flower in the footer (at the bottom) are mine from my gardens. The red-ish roses I call my John roses, so I thought it would be fitting to have them in his birthday layout. And yes, the roses shaped like hearts grew like that on their own; I didn't make them look like that!! I take great pride in my roses and all my gardens. The initial idea for the layout came from some of my friend Caro Guay's layouts. A very Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sexy John Love . I love you so much, wishing everyday, with all my heart, you could still be here.

December 08, 2014:
Got this posted pretty late in the day, but nevertheless... Remember John Lennon Love you My John Love! <3

Love you!

October 15, 2014:
Time has been flying by! I really can't believe how John's birthday came and went already! Here's John Love's birthday flowers for his 74th birthday! Mine and my bestie's yearly tradition for John and his birthday. There's three different shots in different angles... (Click the image below for a bigger view).


October 09, 2014:
Happy Birthday to my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy John Love! Wish you here! I love you so much!!

Love you!

\\ December 31, 2013 // I had the most wonderful Christmas, thanks to Aaron, my bestie, family and friends (online friends too <3). I got to have some nice quality time with everyone, including my babies. The gifts I received were simply amazing and completely unexpected, I'm still in shock! I normally don't do this, but I am so excited I have to show them off, so awesome!! Thank you Thank you!! <3 (Click the image below for a bigger view). If you would like to see more, visit Across The Universe.


I'm not sure who made this, but my dear friend Elizabeth sent it to me in a tweet for Christmas, it's so freaking cute I had to post it on here...

There's gonna be a lot of scanning and screencapping going on! I plan to focus a lot on John's site in the coming New Year. I'm hoping to get a lot done on here finally. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and hoping everyone has the best New Year ever! Peace and Love to all!

\\ October 14, 2013 // John's 73rd birthday is over now.. I still can't believe he would have been 73, it really doesn't seem possible to me... I wanted to show everyone John Love's birthday flowers for this year. It's mine and my best friend's yearly tradition for John's birthday. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read - October 09, 2011 update. I could have sworn I put up John's birthday flowers from last year, but I never did, so they're below too... (Click the image below for a bigger view.)


\\ October 09, 2013 // A very Happy Birthday to my gorgeous John Love! I love you so!!

\\ October 08, 2013 // I've completely redone John's site... I wanted to add more, but I was afraid I wouldn't have it done in time for my John Love's birthday, tomorrow (October 09). I've been working on the revamp for some time now. I really wanted to have it finished and up already, but I've been going through some difficult issues with my family and I've been busy with work. I'm hoping everyone will like what I have done so far. Most of John Wallpapers have been redone and some new ones have been added! I also remade most of the 100 x 100 icons of John, a few new ones have been added too!! I've added some new sections to the site, so be sure to check it all out. Though unfortunately, some things I haven't gotten to, just yet, like: Information, Media, and Galleries. If you would like to learn more about the layout click here. I'm still working and redoing things on the site, and I also plan to make a new layout for John's fanlisting, hoping to have it done soon. Happy Birthday John! ~ I love you!

\\ February 02, 2013 // I really want to get a new layout up on here, but hopefully I'll be getting a new computer very soon. Well technically it's not a brand new computer, my bestfriend's boyfriend gave me a computer as a Christmas/birthday present that's a lot newer than my old girl, so for me it's new. Once I finish getting all my tons of stuff copied, he's going to put it on the new comp and set it up for me. When everything is done I'll get new things on here, I can't wait!!

\\ October 09, 2012 // Happy Birthday my beautiful, gorgeous, sexy John Love!

\\ September 27, 2012 // Wow it's been a while since I updated here, time flies lately. Added 6 new John Icons. I hope you like! This layout is kind of annoying, it's definitely not update friendly.. I'm probably going to make a new one fairly soon and hopefully add some new content that I've been working on.!

\\ May 31, 2012 // Added a bunch of new icons, 15 to be exact! I hope you like! 7 new John Icons 2 new Paul Icons 2 new George Icons 2 new Ringo Icons 2 new Group Icons. I'll try to add new wallpapers soon!

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