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Here you will find the whys and whatfores of John Across The Universe. A bit of information about John, as well as some selected random images to go a long with the info.

John Across The Universe » was created, and is maintained by me (Usagi) and online since about late August early September 2009 and is a major work in progress. I purchased my domain -, in light of my love for John Lennon, so I could create a website focused on and dedicated to him. The site and domain are currently hosted at -- DreamHost.

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John Lennon - who, what, why? »
If you don't know who John Lennon is, you've been living under a
rock with Patrick, or you came from another planet and it's about time for your return. But, seriously, for those of you who really do not know who John Winston Lennon is... He is an amazing, amusingly clever, charming person and extremely intelligent sexy man as well as an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter, who acquired worldwide fame, as a founding member and also the name giver of my favorite band The Beatles. Born October 09, 1940 (astrological sign - Libra), in Liverpool, England. He was basically raised by his Auntie Mimi and Uncle George Smith. In high school, John created a book for his school, called, the Daily Howl, with his drawings and caricatures of himself and others, a long, with daily reports of goings on and the weather. Julia, John's mom gave him his first guitar. As his Aunt Mimi was skeptical of his claim that he would be famous one day, John formed his first band the Quarrymen. This led him to meet Paul McCartney, eventually the band evolved into The Beatles. Sadly, when John was 17 his mother Julia, was hit by a car driven by a drunk off duty police officer and killed her while she was walking home from her sister Mimi's house. Too cool for school and lashing out... Only after his Aunt Mimi and the headmaster stepped in, John was accepted into the College Of Art, in Liverpool where his behavior continued to become worse. He failed an annual exam, resulting in being thrown out before his final year at the school, even after receiving help from a fellow student and future first wife Cynthia Powell, also the mother of John's first born son, Julian. When The Beatles officially disbanded in 1970 ;_;, John went on to his solo career producing such beautiful unforgettable songs like Imagine and Give Peace A Chance and albums such as Walls and Bridges and Imagine to name a few. In 1969, after his second marriage to Yoko Ono, he legally changed his name to John Ono Lennon. The album Imagine in 1971, with the album's title track to become an anthem for anti-war movements, while John and Paul have a war of songs, in attack of each other. After moving to New York 1971 and becoming, more of an activist for peace against war and the Nixon Administration lead John and Yoko into the New Year with what would become an ongoing ridiculous legal battle; a four-year attempt with immigration to deport John from the United States (John finally got his green card June 27th 1976!). Yoko decides her and John need to separate in 1973, so she arranges for their 22-year-old personal assistant May Pang to become John's "companion". Agreeing to the arrangement the new couple move to California, during the 18 months they were together (his "lost weekend", as John would later called it) May encouraged John to have regular contact with Julian, who he had not seen in two years... He also rekindled friendships with Paul, Ringo, and Mal Evans and began to reestablish contact with other relatives and friends. John had no contact with Yoko refusing her phone calls, but within time they did reunite. There are conflicting stories of how John and Yoko got back together again and I have no idea what's the truth. After the birth of his youngest son Sean, John took some time off away from the music business to raise his son taking on the role of househusband. To come back five years later in October 1980, ready & raring to go with one of my favorite songs (Just Like) Starting Over followed a month later by the album Double Fantasy.

This completely rips my heart out and angers me beyond belief; I don't like saying it, thinking about it or writing itů On December 8, 1980 at about 10:50 pm, as he returned to his New York apartment in the Dakota, to give his son a good night kiss. A twisted psycho scumbag shot my sweet John Love in the back four times at the entrance to the building. He was taken to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital emergency room and was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm. Earlier that night, John kindly took the time to autograph a copy of Double Fantasy for that son of a bitch. As of 2013 the murderer remains in prison and has been denied any attempts of parole and I sincerely hope with every fiber of my being that piece of shit rots in prison and burns in hell. I will NEVER put images of or mention that bastards name on this website, so if you don't know, go somewhere else and look it up...

To answer a couple of questions I'm asked quite often -- No, I am not a fan of Yoko, but out of respect and love for John, never wanting to hurt him for any reason, I never bash, or disrespect her by saying something mean. -- No, I do not think Yoko had anything to do with The Beatles' break up... They did that all on their own, and would have broke up whether Yoko was in the picture or not. I know some people don't like to hear that, but it is the truth. Although, I do think Yoko made the break up happen much faster than it would have, if she wasn't around, which was probably a good thing.

I'm usually pretty private about personal things online, so only people who are really close to me know how much John means to me and how I've always wanted to make a website dedicated just for him. I end up putting off and not doing it, because I never think it will measure up being good enough to represent my beautiful John Love. Without going into much detail, I've been through a lot and have had some pretty bad things happen to me I wouldn't have gotten through it without John. His voice has always had such a calming affect on me and whenever I hear it, I get goose bumps all over me. Oh, how I love that face, I think John has the most incredible smile and is the sexiest most gorgeous, beautiful man I have ever seen... Reminds me of when I was eight years old, in the mall with my mom and brother and I saw John for the first time on this huge poster of The Beatles, I was in awe, he was glowing. I've been in love with John ever since and my love and admiration for him keeps growing more and more the older I get... John has given me more than I could put into mere words and he makes me happy, I don't ever want him to be forgotten or remembered in a bad way. Hopefully the site will reflect that and maybe in some small way I can give back and spread the love and happiness he gives to me.

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