About Past Layouts 

Here I tell you about past layouts...

Version 3: Try, try, try again! The third time is a charm? Hoping the 9th layout won't be the lucky one...The way things have been going, it just might be ^^. But any way this is the third layout for John Across The Universe, featuring of course my beautiful sexy John Love. I still haven't come up with a "real" name I like for the site, I want a name that's unique and catchy. So I guess for now it's gonna stay the way it is until I can come up with something I like better. I know, I'm lame. So the gorgeous image of John on left in the header I got from dear Miss Tammy's Beatle Photo Blog, hers was much bigger than mine ^.^. And the one on the right is from one of my scans. Oh my gosh, he is so amazingly beautiful, just look at those eyes and that magnificent smile, that would light up a dark sky forever! *sighs* (If you can't tell, that is one of my favorite and cherished pictures of John). On to the fonts... the title font -- In My Life, I used Alex Brush size 38, the color was white changing the layer properties to overlay at a 100%, with a shadowed effect. And the subtitle underneath -- I love you more I used a font named always forever size 26, and the color I used was #AB5A8A changing the layer properties to screen at a 100%. Same font used for John Lennon as the title and it's the same font and size for, for my John Love as I used for the subtitle. Pretty much the same technique, the color of the font was #FFCCC7, changing the layer properties to overlay at 60%. And then for There is no one, compares with you, I used the Alex Brush font again at size 26, over layering it a few times changing the layer properties to burn at 100%, giving it a shadowed effect like the top title. Well I hope I didn't bore you to death, but seriously though, I put my heart into this layout and I really hope it shows.

Version 2: This is the second layout for John Across The Universe, featuring my beautiful John Love. And yes it's the same title as the first version, there is no one compares with you In My Life I love you more. If you don't know it's lyrics from one of John's Beatle songs In My Life, I like it too much to let go of it I guess. Lately I've sort of been having a bit of layout block, I wanted something different from my "normal layouts", a friend of mine (Ai <3) suggested playing around with css templates from Free CSS Templates to get me inspired and motivated with layouts again, so I did, and I think it helped. The name of the original template is Voyage, and it uses divs. The font I used for there is no one, compares with you was Fifties, and for In My Life I used FantastiFont and for I love you the font is called Old Script, and more I used Fifties again. The text used through out the site is Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif. This layout looked completely different on my old computer and a lot better. Seeing it on my new computer I almost cried, it looked terrible and I was extremely embarassed by it -_-;;

Version 1: This was the very first layout for the site featuring Mr sexy Lennon of course. The images looked kind of crappy, because my computer moniter brightness was set too dark without me knowing, so all images looked really dark to me and of course I brighted them, making all look faded and washed out, plus HD on new computers doesn't help much. But still with all that, I actually rather liked the layout and the images I used of John, it was fun and sassy, reminding me of John. I'm kind of sad to take it down. I used divs and tables for the layout, I'm not sure was font I used for the header it's been awhile since I made the layout.

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