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This fanlisting has been approved by and listed in the Musicians: Male, Arts and Design and Actors categories at The Fanlistings Network and is for the one and only most amazing, multi-talented John Lennon! The fanlisting is also approved and listed at The Alterlistings Network in the Physical: Musicians Male and Actors categories for John's physical appereance. On May 8, 2010 fanlisting was lovingly adopted out to me, Usagi by the most-awesome Bianca, which made me beyond happy ^____^. Thank you so, so much Bianca from the bottom of my heart *hugs*.

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Why Real Love? First I want say, I completely suck at writing, especially with something that's really important to me. Sometimes it can take me over an hour just to write up a sentence to convey my thoughts and feelings into words the way I want them, so please know this was very mind draining and difficult for me, as I put a lot of thought into what I wrote. In the beginning I had every intention to keep Dreamer, the name that Bianca had given the fanlisting. Like her, I really felt the name suited John Lennon, and I liked it a lot. But after reading Bianca's e-mails, I realized just how hard it was for her to give up the fanlisting and how much she truly loved John and how he had been such an inspiration to her for years and the only reason she was letting the fanlisting go was because she felt she had become an awful fanlisting owner and John was deserving of a better dedication... I've loved, amired, and looked up to John Lennon since I was very young, knowing very few people who like him. Most people misunderstand or judge him, not getting him at all, or for some odd reason they think John is Paul McCartney. Nothing against Paul, but that really irks me. So for me to know someone out there like Bianca really loves John that much, makes me so happy, as she said in one of her e-mails, John really was a tremendous human being, I couldn't agree with her more. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that both Bianca, and I love John Lennon with all of our hearts I decided to rename the fanlisting, after a song written by John called Real Love, because has you can see it's most definitely Real Love .

A little something extra: Below is an analysis of Imagine one of John's songs that had influenced Bianca (previos owner) to pick the name Dreamer. I've always liked it and thought it was very well put.

Today, when John Lennon's name is mentioned you automatically think of two things: the Beatles and their legacy, or in a morbid sense, John's death in 1980. When the Beatles broke-up, John Lennon's solo career led him to releasing the album "Imagine" in 1971. Among many of the songs on the album, the song bearing the same title as the album itself became one of the most popular. And it still continues to be widely played and adored. Imagine is very significant to John's career not only because the album was his best selling, but because it had an amazing impact on the world in 1971.

Imagine has a very distinct message, one that is impossible to miss because of the blunt style. John talks about what the world would be like if there was nothing to fight about: no Heaven, no Hell, no religion, no separate countries, no possessions. In the chorus he says "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." He describes feeling as if he is all alone in his wishes, and yet he manages to say there are others who want what he wants. His tone and words are wishful, but in no way demanding.

The song has a very planned-out style, but it still remains to have a sense of free-verse. All of the verses, albeit the chorus, are lined-up the exact same way. Each verse has six lines, starting with the "imagine" phrase, which states what could be changed. The next line encourages with a persuasive manner while the third gives an idea of what would eventually be fixed. The fourth line gives further details to the problem, and line five stays the same throughout each verse in order to lead on to the final line, which shares the outcome. Lines one and five of each verse have the same style, whereas lines two and four appropriately rhyme with each other.

This song's blunt style did cause some controversy during its release. By stating there was no Heaven, it was interpreted that he did not believe in such or that people in general shouldn't either. He uses direct words such as "kill" and "die" which were hardly used in songs except in the form of metaphors. It takes time to realize that John's words are being equivalent to what the world describes.

The three main verses discuss separate ideas of what could make world peace happen. It begins with saying that if there was no Heaven--or more so, no afterlife--people would be doing their best to live life peacefully, instead of believing that they get another chance in eternal life. He then says that without any countries, terrorism would not occur, let alone war. There would be "nothing to kill or die for." The second-to-last verse is the one that most people can relate to. John states without possessions, there would be no greed at all; instead of owning something, you'd be sharing it.

What drove John Lennon to write this song has a lot to do with what was going on in the world in 1971: the Vietnam War. At the time of the song's release, it became the anthem for anti-war movements. Songs like this have been made over the years, but what makes Imagine much more influential is that it simply discusses dreams and hopes instead of blaming the political aspects of our countries like so many songs of today do.

In the days of the Beatles, John wrote many songs about love, all of which had an upbeat and happy tone. His first solo album, "Plastic Ono," focused on a new type of music that is now credited for the beginning of Punk and Rock. Even so, John never had songs with such a mellow, calm tone. Although this song was not typical for John while he was with the Beatles, it was typical when he became a strong anti-war activist.

Anyone can agree that this song has a certain power and depth that many lack today and even during its release. Both the old and young have fallen for Imagine, and it's almost taboo to have anyone else sing it. Imagine is very significant to John's career because it is a song that was not only important in 1971, but continues to be important in the current years and most likely every generation to come.

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