Welcome to Real Love, the one and only TFL.org approved fanlisting for John Lennon the most amazing, sweet, sexy, fun loving and compassionate person to ever grace this planet. John was not only a brilliant songwriter and singer, with a voice of an angel, but he was also an artist and peace activist having deep insight of people and life. No one compares to John Lennon, because everything about him was unique and interesting, he was most definitely one of a kind. His strong spirit will never fade and will shine on forever. Whether you're a fan of John during his Beatles days, or his solo career as an artist and musician, or his physical appearance, please consider joining the fanlisting to show support for this incredibly amazing man!!

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December 04, 2012: I really really did not like the last layout it bothered me immensely. I thought I could make it work, but the images I used were just too crappy, so DO OVER - I made a new layout! I think the new layout looks much better and I hope everyone else thinks so too!!

November 21, 2012: John's birthday is over now, so I made a new layout, I hope everyone likes it! I also hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving! <3 I'm still working on adding new codes too!

October 07, 2012: I made a new layout in celebration of John's Birthday on Tuesday (October 09). I tried desperately to finish redoing all of the codes before I put up the new layout, because quite a few are too washed out and blurry. My computer monitor was set too dark without me knowing, so I thought images were dark and I brightened them all ^^. I did redo/replace a bunch.. I'm not feeling too good and my back has been hurting me really bad, it's slow going.. I wanted to have the new layout up before Monday, so I'll keep working on redoing the codes and hope everyone likes the new layout.. Happy Birthday John!! <3

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