Copyrights and Credits 

Here you'll find copyrights, credits and thank yous too...

John Lennon » First and foremost, my sexy hero, with a voice of an angel. Thank you so much to my John Love, my always inspiring muse and number one reason for a lot of the things I do. Love you, always have, always will .

Jennifer » Visits this site and Across The Universe every single day without fail. I appreciate it, Thank you.

Graphics, Images & Layout » Were created by Usagi, or other wise stated (most of the images found on this website were scanned or screencapped by me, from my DVD's - movies, album covers, books, photobooks, booklets, posters, CD's, The Beatles remasters - etc, or other wise stated). Graphic Programs used: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, and 9. I use Note Pad for coding.

Disclaimer » I do not own or have any affiliation with the making of John Lennon (© EMI and Madacy Entertainment) or The Beatles (© Apple Corps LTD). Nor is this the official website for any. All other copyrights are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended; purely a non-profit fansite created by a fan. Part of Across The Universe Network, and copyright © 2009 - to present, Usagi.

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