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Welcome to John Across The Universe my loving dedication to the most-amazing John Lennon . It will cover his life and music career. You'll find a growing collection of graphics such as wallpapers and icons. I plan to add image galleries and information. Please take a look around by using the menu above to navigate through the site, I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.  -- Please do keep in mind, this website is a work in progress.
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October 09, 2017:
I can't believe how fast this year went by. I feel like John's birthday was just here, but it's a new year to celebrate this amazing man! Happy 77th Birthday my sweet John Love Love you baby!! I will add images of his birthday flowers later on today ...

EDIT // later on : Here are a few more images of John's birthday flowers...

(Click the image below for a bigger view).


January 09, 2017:
John always said "9 is a lucky number", so I really wanted to make sure I got his 76th birthday flowers up on his site today - January 9th and not a day later... I have a few more I might add, not sure which ones, though... I have to sort through them more... (Click the image below for a bigger view).

October 09, 2016:
Happy Birthday, baby, I love you! My John love would have been 76 today. Please remember him by doing something nice for some one and listen to his beautiful music. You can also remember him and send him some love by joining John's fanlisting.

December 17, 2015:
I'm happily getting the chance to finally show John's 75th birthday flowers and his cute number 9 candy on here! Mine and my bestie's yearly tradition for John and his birthday. (Click the images below for a bigger view).


Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone !!

On Saturday December 19th at 9:00 pm ET/PT -- AMC will be airing a concert in honor of John's 75th birthday...

October 04, 2015:
I made a new layout in honor of my John Love's 75th birthday on Friday, October 9th! All the roses I added to the header image and the flower in the footer (at the bottom) are mine from my gardens. The red-ish roses I call my John roses, so I thought it would be fitting to have them in his birthday layout. And yes, the roses shaped like hearts grew like that on their own; I didn't make them look like that!! I take great pride in my roses and all my gardens. The initial idea for the layout came from some of my friend Caro Guay's layouts. A very Happy Birthday to my beautiful, sexy John Love . I love you so much, wishing everyday, with all my heart, you could still be here.

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